Beijing Haidian District, a bank to suspend the cause of temporary suspension

Beijing Times (Reporter Fan Rui) more than 5 am yesterday
Beijing Times (Reporter Fan Rui) Yesterday at 5 am, Haidian District College Road, a bank on a fire. At present, the bank has been suspended, the cause of the fire is still under investigation. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter saw at the scene, the fire bank has been closed, next to the trees have been burned, the bank signs damaged in the fire, part of the font off, the bank is covered with plastic sheeting on the east, workers are using rope reinforcement plastic , The bank door has a coke black residue. Bank security, said more than 5 am, the bank business hall suddenly fire, because no one in the incident, the fire larger, "I heard that the business hall fire, the office area no problem, the machine has been burned." Reporters learned from the fire department, the specific cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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